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Get more background on ITCS-Asia's history and our principles

Focused on providing German Quality to Asia Prices

Since its founding in 1983, we have been committed to providing Top German quality with global availability. We focus on long-term relationships with our customers: UpToDate technology, affordable prices, and high customer support standards are usual.

Cost Saving for our Customer from up to 70% and more

While everyone brags about their prices, we actually overdeliver on this promise. For example, when choosing one of our Online-Complete-Solutions, we advertise 70% Cost Savings. ​As a result, many of our customers save even more on their monthly IT costs.

We believe that every customer deservers a Premium Support

We by ITCS-Asia believe that every customer deserves a Premium Support Experience without spending hundreds of dollars a month. That's why we've set rigorous quality standards for our support team, making sure that our customers experience is as good as possible. 

Three main reasons behind ITCS-Asia's low prices


Our more than 40-year heritage and also our company locations in Germany, England, Spain, Thailand and, Hong Kong give us a distinct perspective on the needs of our clients and their IT-Business requirements. We lead today by putting those insights to work to deliver innovative, better, and affordable IT-Solutions. Our forward-looking leadership team is a driving force in ensuring we meet the needs of all our clients - for their daily IT-Business.

Lean Culture

As you may know, Germans are known for looking at every euro twice before spending it. And we are no different. We don't invest in overpriced office locations or very expensive company cars. Even our Board Team Members share rooms with other employees. Thanks to this lean approach, even with our low prices, we are profitable. Our customers can enjoy cost savings from up to 70% and more.

Company Locations

In January 2014, after more than 30 years of business in Germany, England, and Spain, we relocated our headquarters and our development department to Bangkok, Thailand. The location in Asia and the associated cost savings, combined with our future-oriented management team, enabled us to offer our services at more than reasonable prices.

📜 "Evolution is defined as the process of growth and development" 


After a few weeks of preparation, the next step in our evolution started on January 3, 2022. After eight years of successful business in Bangkok - Thailand, we relocated the management, contracting, and accounting departments to Hong Kong. Our development department and service team remain in Bangkok for the time being because we care about our employees and external team workforce. With the new headquarter, the company renaming was also necessary. As a result, GFT New Media Co.LTD is now ITCS-Asia Limited

Unlike Thailand, Hong Kong is a world-renowned place for international business​, as it scores high on factors that matter to businesses. In short,  this means for us that we have to spend less money and less time on administration, which gives us more time for customer service and process optimization. In this way, we can ensure that we can continue to offer our services at more as affordable prices for years to come.

Hong Kong Impressions

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